Vintage Intuition


We have never been very materialistic, and yet we feel drawn to certain objects from certain places and times.  We feel as though the energy of that time and the people who lived then live on through these relics.  Imagine yourself transported to the past as you have the opportunity to love and treasure gifts from days of yore.  When we were growing up, there was a show on television called, “Harriet’s Magic Hats.”  In the show, a young girl would put on one of her Aunt Harriet’s hats and she would immediately magically be teleported to the place and time in which Aunt Harriet (her elderly Aunt) originally obtained the hat.  We always wished we had a trunk full of magic hats that would show us places and times that we could only dream of.  And, now, in a way, we do.  Every vintage item we hold is a direct sensory link to days gone by.  It is a bridge from the past to the present and the present to the future.  This is why we are passionate about vintage items and we try to imagine who had them before me.  We imagine the stories these items have been a small (or large) part of.  Interestingly, we feel the items do hold onto that energy from the past.  Have you ever held something and immediately had a bad feeling?  Have you ever picked something up or even just looked at it and felt immediate joy?  That is the energy of the piece calling to your intuition.

Vintage products each have a story to tell, even when we do not know that story. We truly believe that there is something fundamental in each object that pulls us to it.  Most of the items we sell are purchased at auctions and estate sales.  Sometimes, we have a “feeling” that something is off and we should not buy even if something is a good deal.  So, we leave it.  Other times, we have to confess, we have overpaid because we had such a strongly positive “feeling” about an object — we felt it had value over and above what the official value in some price guide stated.  That is how we operate.  We try to be good businesswomen, but we would be lost without our intuition to guide us.  When you buy from Vintage Intuitions, you get a high quality product that you can feel good about because it has only warm, positive, glowing vibes coming off of it.  That may sound strange, and if it does, just treat us like any other vintage shop and please feel welcome.  However, if you are someone who understands about things that cannot be seen and needs to know that the things you buy will bring beauty, comfort, joy, and prosperity to your home, you have come to the right place :).



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